Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OoJia Review - Positive (Image Heavy)

I placed an order with OoJia after Christmas 2011 to get a customized Silent Moon replica high waist skirt with the imperfect fabric since she was only selling the skirt as fitted. This only cost an extra $10 dollars which I was fine with. OoJia finished making my skirt after a few days from Chinese New Years and sent it out the day after she finished. After 4 weeks of not seeing my package I asked her if she put a tracking number on it and she gave me the number. After another week it finally arrived on Monday, but I had to pick it up on Tuesday at the post office instead.

Here's the package, there was no holes in it at all.

Unfolding the bag...wait is that a head bow!? I thought there wasn't going to be a head bow with the imperfect print.

Back of the head bow, little birdies.
It's so pretty, even though it's the imperfect print.

Corseting in the front, shinny ribbon.

Shirring in the back, the ribbon wasn't all nice like the one in the front.

Plastic boning and hidden zipper.
You can see the lining inside. Sometimes I'm having a hard time zipping the zipper up over the gathering.

OoJia lined up the seams nicely.

Another lining picture, but you can see the lace better.
Just a little coord. I put together.

I'm very happy with my first purchase from OoJia. I don't have any replicas or brand to compare this to, but with my experience with fabrics and sewing, the fabric is nice with a nice weight to it, her sewing skills is amazing compared to mine, the laces she used is really nice and soft. There was some loose strings here and there while I was inspecting it, but wasn't a big deal. Even though the making of the skirt and the shipping took awhile, it is worth the wait. I'll definitely will be buying from her again.
I hope you guys enjoyed the review and have a good evening!

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