Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bodyline Review - Neutral (Image Heavy)

Hello everyone, today I'm posting my first review, so I'm sorry if it's not that great and the quality of the pictures. The pictures are taken by a camera phone, but I tried my best to make them decent to the best of my ability. Now on to the review.

I ordered from Bodyline on the 26th of January to buy Soft Cream JSK (L251) in mint and White Rocking Horse Shoes (Shoes194) since I've been eying these items for sometime. I was so happy that they restocked Soft Cream JSK in mint during that week since they have been out of stock in mint for awhile. My tracking number for Air came in about 3-4 days after I ordered. On the 3rd of February my packaged finally arrived. Sorry no pictures of the package, but it was a grey medium size package with a few small holes in it.

My White Rocking Horse Shoes wasn't in a box, but was warped up in tissue paper and in the inside of the shoes there was paper stuffed inside and a shoe stick, the straps were folded nicely and held together with a rubber band.

The "wood" is actually foam.

The bottom of the shoes didn't come dirty, I was wearing them out before I made this review.

I normally wear a size 23.5cm, but I decided to order a size 24.0cm because I've heard that Bodyline's rocking horse shoes runs smaller. I'm glad I order a size bigger because they fit perfectly fine and they are not loose at all, but the left shoe feels a little tight near the toes. They are very comfortable to wear for many hours and I can layer my socks or stocking and still feel comfortable wearing them.

My Soft Cream JSK was in a red Bodyline bag folded nicely. There was a few loose strings on the JSK here and there, but no big deal.

Print: There was no misprint anywhere or ink scratches.

Bodice Back: I really like what they did in the back for the straps. They used satin ribbon.

Bodice Front: When I first got the JSK the bows were not detachable and they were flat. I made alterations, I made the bows detachable and more "poofy" instead of flat.

Inside of the JSK of the shirring.
Left and Right Straps: I'm a little sad that the chiffon didn't continue down to the bodice. (Please excuse my hair.)

Zipper: Just a regular zipper.

Waist Bow

Back of Waist Bow

Waist Ties: Not Detachable. I really like what they did with the waist ties.

Close up on the bottom of the waist tie.

Close up on the bottom of the skirt. The lace was folded up when I first got it, but it's slowly unfolding on it's own.

Problem with this JSK:
When I tried on the JSK I notice that the skirt part is short, so I measured the JSK.

Measurements I took:
Strap of the JSK to the lace of the skirt - ~86cm
Top of the back of the bodice to the lace of the skirt - ~72cm

Bodyline's measurments:   
Back center of length 89cm
Bust 78-88cm
Waist 64-74cm
Back center of length 91cm
Bust 82-92cm
Waist 68-78cm
Back center of length 96cm
Bust 90-100cm
Waist 76-86cm

Without Petticoat
With 2 Petticoats

As you can see that the skirt is the problem. I believe that I just got one of those dresses that they didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt longer, but this can be easily fixed by wearing OTK socks, thigh high socks, stocking or if you know how to sew you can make a underskirt or attach a ruffle to the skirt.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase, I got what I wanted with little problems that can be easily fixed. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.


  1. I can't get over the difference in length; it's crazy that it's off by so much. :| I'm curious to see if other people have the same problem with this restock of JSKs.

    I particularly like the straps of the JSK because the trim looks really soft and cute. :3 Is it chiffon?

    1. I believe it is chiffon, but then again, I'm probably getting my fabrics mixed up. It's really soft, I hope they make more dresses like this.

  2. I want this dress! I would have never known there was chiffon on it, since Bodyline's photos aren't very good! Thanks for the review! n_n

    1. The chiffon puts a lovely touch to it. ^_^

  3. Ah, I have this! It's so cute <3 How tall are you? It seems to be the right skirt length for me, just below the knee. Either way you look so cute!~

    1. I believe I'm about 5'2. This dress would work for someone that is shorter than me, but I'm not 100% sure if all the restocked JSKs are like this. Thank you. ^_^

  4. Mint and pink are such a pretty combo on you! *o*

    1. Aw, thank you. >w< I need to get new pink socks since these ones are darker.

  5. Wow your dress is so pretty and girly!~
    Love the shoes. The wood looks so real! I can't believe it's not wood xD (it's like i can't believe it's not butter only wood! get it? haha nvm sorry about the lame jokes)

    1. This dress is really pretty, it's one of my favorites. ^_^
      It's alright about the jokes, lol. XD They did a really good job on making the foam look so real.